Samantha Clark

Host:  Samantha Clark

Samantha grew up in England, a member of the Vine and Craven, and then Bicester Pony Clubs.  After leaving school, she went to Waterstock as a a working pupil under Lars Sederholm and Yogi Breisner, then spent three years with Gill Watson, British Junior and Young Rider Team Trainer.  Having decided to try and make a career out of eventing, Samantha then set up on her own, having persuaded her father to convert various sheds and outbuildings into stables, and continued to train from home with Alison Oliver, Peter Robeson, and Nicola Taylor.  She rode out regularly for local National Hunt trainer Tockie Mckie, and hunted young horses and even trained a point-to-pointer in the winters.

Several of Samantha’s advanced event horses were sold to the States over the years, and in the 1990’s she decided to follow them over here and travel for a little while.  Having worked briefly as a naive and hopeless vet’s assistant at Arlington Racetrack in Illinois, and working a season in “Wellyworld” in Palm Beach, Florida, inevitably she ended up in the Horse Capital of the World, Lexington, Kentucky.

Breaking babies at a horse farm was a wonderful introduction the the TB industry before a departure from horses with a producer’s job at a local AM station, which led to a 2 year stint as morning news anchor at NPR station WUKY.  Now the mother of two young children who exhaust her more than riding and managing six horses ever did, one adopted black labrador who is almost perfect in every way, and the proud owner of the most beautiful big, brown OTTB in the world, there is probably little chance of her returning “home” to England now, although she does make regular trips back to England to visit her family.


Host: Glenn the Geek

Glenn the Geek lives in Lexington, KY and spends a lot of time at The Kentucky Horse Park.  An experienced entertainer, horseman and broadcaster, Glenn brings the excitement of the 2010 World Equestrian Games right to your iPod.


  • First and foremost Glenn is horse husband, as he married into the horse thing 20 years ago.  Yes, he got the “Don’t ever say it’s me or the horse” lecture. He never did and is still married.  Glenn’s wife is a HA graduate Pony Clubber and Eventer.
  • Glenn was an improvisational performer with The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire and The Medieval Feasting Guild for over 10 years.
  • Glenn and his wife, Jennifer, owned a boarding stable in central PA for 15 years.
  • He is a driver of horses and ponies.
  • He has been a webmaster in the equine retail market since the beginning of the Internet. Some of you old timers will remember him from The Horse Stuff Company.
  • Glenn went on to work with Bit of Britain and was the creator of the wildly successful Tack of the Day website (check it out). Yes, he was responsible for the bad humor for the first two years!
  • Many of you will recognize him as one of the hosts on the first Internet Horse Podcast called the Talking Equine Show.
  • You can also find Glenn on other Horse Radio Network podcasts at and