Kentucky Cup: Cheryl Dell and TR Reason to Believe – Springville, CA

He lost his mother when he was 6 hours old, and he was raised with a goat. Maybe that’s one explanation why 11-year-old Reason “has got personality!”

Cheryl Dell, a veterinarian from Springville, California, first saw Reason when she was looking for a backup endurance horse. She couldn’t, however, afford him at the time, and tried not to think about him. It was her husband who secretly went and looked at Reason and rode him, and arranged with Carl Fudge of Sturgeon Creek Arabians in Manitoba, Canada to make payments. Since then (2005) it’s been a great ride: 21 finishes in 23 starts (in the US), 19 of those in the top five, including 8 wins and 4 BCs, and 5 hundred-mile finishes.

On the endurance trails, Reason is “point and go” – though he wasn’t always that way. “What a difference a couple of years makes in personality, vet checks, and on the trail. He’s now all business, no nonsense. He grew up, got seasoned. He conserves his energy at the start… but he didn’t do this at first! It used to take him a long time to pulse down at first because of the excitement. Now he gets excited, but he’s calm about it, not amped or wacky. Now he’s usually always down in 1-2 minutes in the vet gates.”..

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Date: 10-9-2009

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