New construction projects are popping all over the Kentucky Horse Park in preparation for the 2010 World Equestrian Games.  My wife and I spent a beautiful morning walking through the park today.  The leaves have changed, the crowds are down and besides the construction, the park is beautiful!  I have pictures of some new construction projects for you and updates on some of the larger on-going ones. 

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For a point of reference here is a map of the park as it will be in 2010:  (Click to enlarge.)

The New Indoor Arena:

The last word I had was the new indoor was still ahead of schedule.  There was not much change that you could see from the outside since my last update.  They are putting the finishing touches on the outside now and appear to be relatively close to finishing the exterior. 

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 The New Outdoor Arena:

They are at the stage in the construction of the new outdoor that the changes every couple of weeks are quite noticeable.  I got some interesting shots of the workers on the bleachers this time.  It gives you an appreciation for how large the bleachers are.

The roof is now mostly on the bleachers and the seats are starting to go in.  You will see them working on the bleachers below:  (Click to enlarge.)

Here is a fun shot of two construction workers on top of the roof talking on their cell phones.  I wonder if that is the only place they can get reception?

The new outdoor is certainly prominent from around the park.  The first view below is from the Hall of Champions looking past the old indoor arena.  The second view is from Ironworks Pike at the entrance ramp to Rt 75.

New Playground:

The Park has just about completed the work on a new playround for the kids.  It is located right beside the trail riding consession. 

Museum of the Horse Addition:

There is a large addition being built on to the Museum of the Horse in the Park.  It will house an exhibition called “The Arabian Horse Galleries, Celebrating the Horse from the Near East”.


Just Some Fun Pictures:

Here are some fun shots that I took the day we were at the Park.  It was a beautiful fall day in Kentucky.  Here is the Man O’War statue at the entrance to the park.

John Henry’s new statue: