Yes, you read the headline right!  Watch out western riders – there’s new competition on the horizon. Olympic dressage gold medalist Anky van Grunsven says she’d like to compete in both dressage and reining at the 2010 World Equestrian Games.

Anky apparently received a western saddle as a gift during an Olympic celebration party, and has been taking reining lessons after schooling her own horses, with her neighbour Rieky Young, in Vorstenbosch in The Netherlands.

“I don’t have my own reining horse,” she told Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf. “I’m testing a few horses at Rieky’s. I first want to feel which horse fits me. The sliding and turning, which make the sport so spectacular, are easy to teach. The hard bit is the basis and that everything happens only with one hand. I notice that I think too much when I train with Rieky. The fun bit is that Rieky is not afraid to shut up. Besides Sjef, not many people dare to correct me when I’m riding a horse. Rieky is not bothered by that.”

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