The Kentucky Horse Park has become a construction zone.  When I was there the other day taking these shots I counted no less than 12 construction projects going on around the park.  It was amazing.  The World Equestrian Games sure will do a whole lot for The Kentucky Horse Park long after the games are over.  With the new indoor arena and the massive outdoor arena shown below it will certainly be “America’s Horse Park”.

You can see a map of what the park will look like in 2010 by clicking here.

New Indoor Arena:

From all reports the new indoor arena is progressing ahead of schedule.  Here is an artist’s view of what it will look like when it is finished in 2009:

I believe the above photo does not include the 4 new barns that are now planned to be attached to the indoor.  The new barns are expected to hold up to 800 horses.  You will not have to go outside at all to go from barn to arena, great for winter and those nasty weather days.

The horse’s view of the new indoor looking from Cigar Lane on the park side:

Click to enlarge this image of the new indoor.  The area with all the windows will be vendor space and a trade area:

The New Outdoor Arena:

The bleechers are getting bigger and bigger every week.  You can see the tops of them from Ironworks Pike!  Here is the latest panorma from across the pond (click to enlarge):

This is one serious erector set!

New Fencing Everywhere:

Something I noticed new in the last two weeks is some serious fence replacement work going on.  They are replacing or adding miles of this stuff.  And if you ever have been to the horse park you know how much fencing is there, a whole lot of it.

The New Central Kentucky Riding for Hope Facility:

The Central Kentucky Riding for Hope is a fantastic program for riders with disabilities.  They do great work and they are one of the most popular programs at the park.  They also are getting a new facility that should be done shortly and it is fantastic.

Here is the artists drawing and then my current picture.  They are hoping to be open this winter.

Click to enlarge: